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In order to be in constant exchange with my audience and help young artists, I created the Pilsan Academy, through  which I mentor amateur and future  pianists.


- Jaime Cardenas, Peru

- Sebastian Agudelo, 18, Colombia

- Matt Mitchell, 31, US

I found Aaron through Instagram while browsing for the content on Bach’s WTC and Inventions.

After exchanging a few messages and an introductory call, I decided to explore the 3 months of piano mentorship program that Aaron offered and felt privileged to learn under Aaron. Aaron was laser focussed to understand and learn my goals and mutually we decided on an area of focus.

Initially, I was a bit skeptical given the approach and method was completely new. Aaron was sincere, approachable and versatile with the types of repertoire I wanted to learn and provided contextual guidance on the baseline techniques.

During the first month, I was not sure if I am making any progress but Aaron supported and kept me confident. After a few weeks of practice, I started seeing a significant difference in practice and the ease of playing piano. Aaron kept pushing the boundaries through detailed feedback, encouraging and empowering the foundational methods (example: In Bach’s invention, left vs right hand alone, phrasing, sections). Aaron recommended a few books gauging my interest that I found immensely valuable for lifelong learning on this beautiful instrument. 

This experience of 3 months was certainly life changing and has taught me the foundational knowledge and provided a future path on “how to learn / approach a piece”, “analysis”, understanding harmony vs melody and their combination, how to practice difficult passages, how to make the pieces sing. The analogy and easy to understand explanation from Aaron still echoes in my head for new pieces. 

I would highly recommend Aaron’s Piano mentorship program and look forward to future mentorship from him.



- Param A., US

Studying piano with Aaron as a mentor has been one of the most challenging yet exciting experience in my life, and I also felt very lucky to have the chance to work with a concert pianist!

I met him through Instagram, we started talking about piano technique and I told him about my struggles. 

He then introduced to me his mentoring program, and I was very interested, of course! Initially I was a little worried, because, as an amateur, I feared that this mentorship could be too difficult and too short to allow me to improve; but the way Aaron structured the work, suiting it to my possibilities, convinced me. 

So we started working together. Each lesson was eye-opening for me: with Aaron I learned how to analise and deeply understand the pieces I play.

I improved my musicality and my interpretations, and also my technique, which was really my weak spot. 

But, most importantly, I learned a method to face future challenges when playing the piano. 

I would definitely recommend the mentorship to anyone who desires to improve their playing and is keen to commit, because I think that having a teacher that is passionate and caring like Aaron is the key!

- Fulvia Golfieri, 18

I have had the pleasure to know Aaron since I'm a young child. After some years we didn't have contact, I found his page on instagram where he posts a lot of videos of him playing the piano and musical content in general. After responding to one of his videos, we got in touch again and he told me about his mentoring program and whether I would be interested in participating.

Of course he doesn't have as much teaching experience as other teachers because of his young age,

but he played many concerts and worked together with the best musicians in the world.

Furthermore I really appreciate his enormous musicality and his kindness which is

very important if you want to work and cooperate with somebody. The only thing I worried about was that everything had to take place online and via zoom. I wasn't sure whether the sound quality would be completely different and falsified.

The results were very positive! He showed me a lot of effective and useful practising methods and after the mentoring program was over I realized that my skills had improved a lot. Furthermore he was able to give me many new impressions towards interpretation. So all in all i can give only positive feedback here.

I would definitely recommend his program. Aaron is able to teach you many things because he is a brilliant and mature pianist musician.

The tips he will give you are very helpful and diversified. I am glad that I was part of it because I learnt very much and was able to take a lot with me.

That's why I would highly recommend it to everyone else.

- Benedikt Rivinius, 18, Germany

I found out about you through Instagram. I had just gotten an Instagram at the time and started to follow many pianists, including you! I had DM’d you asking a question and through that we had our first discussion. Soon after, we had a meeting to discuss the specifics and how to fix it. Then, you had offered to mentor me for two months to teach me solutions for my technical problems (that I would face in the future as well).

I was only slightly skeptical in the beginning because of the pricing of the program. However, seeing your dedication and passion for music through your many stories and posts, I was really inspired by you. I truly thought that I would learn a lot from you especially in terms of getting completely submerged while playing music and performing for audiences.

The results were fantastic, and I learned so much in so little time. I learned ways/techniques to solve my technical problems, how to be more precise in the ideas that I want to convey to the audience, have a particular imagination of a setting or scene when trying to musically enhance a piece, and much more.

Yes, I would definitely recommend this to other students, however the pricing of the program may affect other students' decision to enter this program. Although, I do believe the amount was completely worth it and so valuable, it may be financially taxing to some other students.

- Sanjana Bellapu, 17, US

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